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What Your Fragrance Scent Says About You

May 9, 2018
What Your Fragrance Choices Say About You

Hours after my mom had passed away I found myself in her closet smelling her clothing. Her scent was still infused within her dresses and jackets and I just closed my eyes to reminisce. During this time I realized the power of fragrance and the memories it can evoke. Not only can a perfume hold memories but did you know that your choice of fragrance can be tell tale sign of your personality?

My preferred choice of scents are based on notes of sandalwood, amber and patchouli. They definitely fall in the woody category and tend to be more masculine.  So what exactly does this say about me?

What Does Your Fragrance Say About You?

Here’s the break down on what your fragrance scent says about you

Woody: Woody scents are earthy, sensual and a bit masculine. They can include notes of cedar, leather, amber and musk. Personality types that gravitate towards these scents tend to free spirited, confident and have the reputation of being somewhat opinionated. This girl knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to speak up and express her self! She prefers her men to be rugged and outdoorsy. Some examples of woody fragrances are Tom Ford’s Tuscan Leather, Commodity Moss and my personal favorite Atelier Cologne Cedre Atlas.

Fruity: Fruity scents can include notes of peaches, pears, and apples. Fruity scent lovers tend to be optimistic, outgoing, playful and bubbly. These personality types tend to have colorful clothing styles and she is always the girlfriend you can count on to lift your mood! Some fruity fragrances include Marc Jacobs Daisy, YSL Mon Paris and Chloe Love Story.

Floral: Floral fragrances are sweet, feminine and flirty. They can include Jasmine, Peonies, Gardenias and the ever popular Rose. If your into floral scents you’re most likely not shy and enjoy being the center of attention. You’re super sweet, flirty and a hopeless romantic. The first thing most notice about you is that you’re a girly girl that loves being stylish and chic. Some popular floral fragrances include Jo Malone Roses, Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming and Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy.

Citrus: Citrus scents have a clean fresh energy which include hints of lemon, orange, lime and grapefruit just to name a few. These are light and refreshing scents that are usually preferred by easy going laid back personalities. The wearer of such scents is usually athletic and is a bit adventurous.  This girl usually enjoys hiking, jet skiing etc.  Some Citrus scents include Jo Malone Lime Basial and Mandarin, Tocca Stella and Clinique Calyx.

In case any of these scents have peaked your interest and you want to give them a try I suggest heading to Sephora. It’s the only place I go to when I want to try a new fragrance, they’re super awesome at making samples for you to take home and try. They also sell discovery kits like the one featured here : Commodity  Oh and please note this is not a sponsored post, I’m genuinely a big fan of Sephora’s perfume selection!

Do any of these fragrance personalities sound familiar? What type are you? Would love to hear your thoughts, please share in comments section.

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