Decoding the Dress Code for Holiday Invitations

October 30, 2015

It’s that time of the year where invites to parties have you screaming “what do I wear”! No worries my loves, here is a quick guide to make things less confusing.

Invite for Black Tie – Probably the most formal of all events and your chance to truly dress up. A cocktail dress is perfectly acceptable, the key here is dark rich colors like black, brown, blue, jewel tones. Include a small clutch to tie everything together and some classic jewelry pieces.

Invite for Cocktail Attire- You cant go wrong with a little black dress and some fun jewelry. No shorts, denim or tees!

Business Casual- A skirt or dress pants are appropriate for this invite depending on the company culture.  If unsure a sure bet is a casual dress and medium height heels.

Casual Dressy attire- You can get away with jeans by dressing them up with a jacket and ankle boots or heels. Fun bold accessories is also key to making this work effortlessly.

Cheers to the holidays and another reason to go shopping for a new outfit!

Express Clothing

Source: Express


Red Dress

Source: Bergdorf Goodman


Little Black Dress

Source: Bloomingdales


Sequin Dress

Source: Nordstrom

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